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Tips on improving your health

If it's not broken why fix it?

This cliché is usually taken to mean if things are going well for you why make changes.

Taken in the context of health and fitness, one might say if I feel well and look well, then I don’t need to do anything more. Right? Not really. Think about your car. You bought it brand new, yet the salesman gave you a schedule for oil change and other services. The reason being that if you do not maintain the condition of your car, its performance will begin to deteriorate and you will soon be needing a new car. It’s the same with our bodies. We need to maintain it before it deteriorates.

Physiotherapists not only help patients recover from injury or illness, we help prevent it too! By showing our patients how to maintain optimal musculoskeletal function through exercise, by educating our patients in safe postural, lifting and functional practices around the home or work place and by sharing our extensive knowledge on sports related injuries, physiotherapists help our patients avoid muscular and joint pain and dysfunction, we keep our elderly patients independent and safe and we help sports people avoid injury.

At Ascent Physiotherapy, we can help you get started in maintaining or improving your body the right way. Come in and see us to find out how.


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