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"Ascent", verb:

  • The act of ascending, upward movement
  • Movement upward from a lower to a higher state
  • Movement or return to a source or beginning


Ascent Physiotherapy - Sports & Lifestyle Clinic was conceived with the vision to provide a total package to help our clients achieve the height of their health; not just by providing first class physiotherapy treatment & rehabilitation, but also by offering lifestyle management & health optimisation programs through use of our extensive gym equipment & clinical Pilates studio, guided by physiotherapists with a passion for keeping people ACTIVE, every day, for life.

We started our journey by locating ourselves within the brand new Majura Park Medical Centre at Canberra Airport. Our name: Ascent Physiotherapy, was chosen both to reflect our Airport location, and also what we are trying to achieve - helping people reach the height of their health.

We were involved from the beginning of the Majura Park Medical Centre project, before the building even commenced! We knew it would be an ideal location - close to many offices & departments, plus the added advantage of near-by shopping, pool & gym facilities. Thus, we were able to pick a great tenancy and put in place the infrastructure at the time of building that will assist us to provide the highest standard of care to our clients. We designed our space to maximise our one-on-one patient contact with private rooms, filled with natural light; plus a custom gym space, ideal for our specialised equipment with a large area for classes and a designated Clinical Pilates studio & Paediatric room.

Live, Play, Work: let us help you achieve the height of your health!

Our gym provides additional fitness equipment that assists us with giving our clients the optimum rehab & lifestyle experience – we have HyperVibe™ whole body vibration machines, our specialised Equestrian core trainer, a Cross-Fit rack to support our gravity & suspension training apparatus, a Functional trainer machine to provide graded strengthening for beginners to elite, water-rower, recumbent bike & treadmill, plus our clinical Pilates equipment & all the normal physiotherapy rehab equipment that we feel is standard to quality practice!

Our paediatric room is used by our visiting physiotherapist, Carolyn O’Mahoney from Therapy4Kids, just another way we can help provide care to our clients – for life!

We also have great staff facilities to keep our physios happy (and loving their job!) as well as the room to conduct work screenings & functional assessments.

We provide solutions using the latest Evidence Based Practice, combined with extensive clinical experience to provide our clients, with quality, professional care and a genuine interest in optimizing their health, work & activity levels.

We have consulted to the Australian Defence Force, private enterprise, academia, and occupational health providers across a range of industries 


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