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Our mission is to provide first class Physiotherapy services & health care to our clients, to maximise their return to activity after injury & enable them to achieve the optimal activity level to keep them "ACTIVE – everyday, for life" regardless of their age or abilities. Our aim is to provide full functional recovery: to restore normal movement & function for the long term & also to prevent injuries from recurring

We achieve this by providing our clients with excellence in clinical skills, customer service & ongoing support with our lifestyle management & health optimisation programs to enhance their health outcomes. Our long-term success relies on the strength of our service, combined with our experience across a range of corporate, occupational health, industry, private enterprise & defence environments.

You deserve to achieve the “height of your health”,  no matter your age or ability.

We are invested in your long-term health, not just a “quick fix”! We use a hands-on, manual therapy & exercise based approach to treat all injuries (including sports, work & vehicle injuries) as well as regular aches & pains, or those little things that stop you doing the activities you love to do.

Our passion for physiotherapy extends not just to all sports (including our special interest of Equestrian sports), but to maximising movement & function, flexibility, strength & posture to enable our clients to recover from a restriction, to return to their previous activity or to regain the confidence in their own abilities to stay active and achieve the full height of their health.

We help you to move well, stay well... for life!

Our commitment to you

  1. Personalised, professional care with experienced physiotherapists
  2. High quality assessment, diagnosis & treatment – tailored to YOUR needs
  3. Friendly, caring environment with specialised equipment to maximise your rehabilitation, recovery, sports performance & general well-being.



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